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Consible is an independent access management and monitoring solution used to ensure accountability between multiple parties when accessing servers. An example of this is where two companies have an operations or development level contract specifying that access must be provided to both parties. Consible ensures that everyone has the right level of access and that all activity is recorded to ensure accountability.


We provide a simple to use web interface where users can manage, access and review all activity across their servers.


Consible aims to provide an easy to use and understand interface for managing and monitoring access to your servers.


How we secure your resources so you don't have to think about it.


Choose a plan that fits your business requirements


If your query is not answered below, please contact us for further help.

How is my data stored and encrypted?

All customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit. We use a special onion based database encryption scheme that ensures that access policies are enforced at the encryption level. This is done using a combination of Parent-Child based AES key-chaining and RSA key exchange inside the database and data store.

Customer recordings are stored in a custom file format, which is also encrypted using the same system as above. This data is stored in S3 which can be a provided bucket, or your own if required. (Contact us.)

What information is recorded?

Every action on the system is recorded, such as connecting to a server, watching a previous replay, joining a team, changing settings, every keypress inside a terminal, and so forth. This information is exposed to the correct level of access. If required some events can be exported to a 3rd party end point. (Contact us.)

What are my options for using the software?

We support:

  • Our Standard Cloud environment
  • A private cloud instance (run by us)
  • On premise (run by you)

We highly recommend using us as an independent party to help enforce accountability and as a safeguard.

What ways can I access my servers?

We support:

  • SSH Directly from a fixed IP address
  • SSH Via VPN
  • SSH via a virtual appliance deployed on your infrastructure
  • An agent that runs on each of your servers, and creates a back connection (SSH-less)

What are your requirements for on premise or private cloud deployments?

Please contact us! It would help to know what your requirements are. How many users/servers? How long you need to retain data? How many sessions do you expect to occur?

Typically we recommend having a highly available setup of at least 2 machines in a cluster. However the application is built around micro services and could be split up further depending on requirements.

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